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At MDV our Secret to Success,
is our Commitment to Quality.

MDV strictly complies with all USDA and FDA regulations for manufacturing practices, and a complete HACCP program.  

Raw vegetables are sorted,  cleaned, and steam peeled to remove the skin prior to cutting/sizing.  Our product is carefully blanched and air-dried to assure quality texture and taste.  Our products are screened for size, color sorted, and passed over magnets and through metal detectors prior to being packaged into bags or boxes.  


MDV performs an exclusive three-step process that kills all pathogens and provides for extremely low microbiological counts. Our In-House Lab performs micro biological testing and grades all products to  customer specifications.  Extensive testing with state of the art equipment, ensures the highest quality of dehydrated vegetables.


Highly trained and dedicated employees monitor all produce from the moment the crop is planted, through final packaging.  Pesticide Residue Testing also meets our strict requirements.  MDV's products are Orthodox Union Kosher certified.


Upon request, MDV will provide detailed Certificates of Analysis. MDV schedules annual BRC Certified audits (Food Processors Association-Supplier Audits for Food Excellence) and welcomes customer visits and supplier audits.  ​


For additional information please see our quality statement which ensures the best quality. 

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